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Language Recognition and Processing with TREXLocate this document in the navigation structure


Search and Classification (TREX) supports the indexing of documents in different languages. When TREX is installed, you select the languages to be identified by language recognition. You can configure TREX to recognize additional languages later on (seeConfiguring Language Recognition).

Language processing takes place after the language recognition process. This involves generating terms that are significant as regards creating an index, and is done using various text operations.


TREX can process all languages supported by SAP. However, the functionality differs depending on the language. For more information, see:

  • Supported Languages

    These languages are recognized by TREX and supported without restriction. You can use all TREX functions including search, retrieval, text-mining, and classification.

  • Supported Languages with Restricted Functionality

    These languages are recognized by TREX and supported with restrictions. Text-mining functions are particularly restricted.

  • Languages that TREX Can Process

    TREX cannot recognize these languages directly, but it can process them. This is done by mapping these languages to languages that TREX does support.