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The TREX name server stores and coordinates system-wide information on the TREX installation and on communication between the TREX servers and CM. The name server settings automatically determine the parameters of the HTTP server, queue server, and index server. There can be scenarios that implement more than one name server. If this is the case, they are listed here.


The TREX Java client communicates with the central name server directly using TCP/IP and not using the HTTP server using HTTP/XML.


Overview of Parameters for TREX Name Servers

Key Value Description


tcpip://<nameserver>: <nameserverport>

By default, the name server port is predefined.

Address of the central name server currently being used. The name server manages the topology of a TREX installation.


tcpip://< nameserver>: <nameserverport1>, <nameserverport2>, <nameserverport3, ...

Multiple name servers are separated by commas.

List of all available name servers.