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If you choose the processing type Enter for mass processing, the action is not executed immediately. Instead, entries with the corresponding function are generated in a system table (TBATG). The requests collected in this table are processed in the background at fixed times. The background process must be scheduled explicitly as a job.

  1. To schedule the job, choose Extras → Schedule Job on the initial screen of the database utility (transaction SE14).

    A dialog box is displayed in which you can schedule the job. You can enter the date and time when the job starts here.

  2. The job can also be started depending on a certain event, certain operating mode or when another job has ended.

    To do this, choose the relevant pushbuttons (After event, At operation mode or After job) and make the necessary entries.

  3. If you want to schedule the job periodically, you must set the Periodic job indicator.

    In this case you also need to choose the period values. To do this proceed as follows:

    1. Choose Period values.

      The possible values appear in a dialog box.

    2. Select the value you require and choose  with the quick info text Save.
  4. Choose  with the quick info text Save.

    A dialog box appears in which you can enter further restrictions for the requests to be processed by the job. The job then only processes the TABTG entries that satisfy the specified restrictions. The F1 help for the input fields tells you what the individual parameters of this screen mean.

  5. Choose Schedule in job.

    The job is scheduled. The job processes all requests scheduled for mass processing (TBATG entries) that match the selection conditions.

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