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 Displaying Logs for Mass ProcessingLocate this document in the navigation structure

  1. To obtain the logs of all the requests for mass processing that have been processed in the background, select Extras → Logs on the initial screen of the database utility (transaction SE14).

Information in the List

The list contains the following information:

Column name Description

Log name

Name of the background job


Maximum error severity (' ' = no error, W = warning, E = error) for a processing step within the job


Number of lines in the mass processing log


Name of the user who scheduled the background job

Date, Time

Date and time when the job was started


Actions in the List

You can perform the following operations from within this list:

  • Display a log:

    Select the log name and choose  with the quick info text Display.

  • Change the log name:

    To assign another name to the log, choose Edit → Rename

    To copy the log to a log with another name, choose Edit → Copy.

  • Delete a log:

    Select the log to be deleted and choose  with the quick info text Delete Selections.