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 Maintaining Selection Conditions of ViewsLocate this document in the navigation structure


You must define the base tables and fields of the view before you can restrict the set of data records that can be selected with the view by defining a selection condition (see Join, Projection and Selection ).

  1. Open the Repository Browser and navigate to the view whose selection conditions you want to maintain.
  2. In the context menu of the view, choose Change.

    The maintenance screen of the view appears.

  3. To enter a condition, select the Selection conditions tab page:

    You can enter a condition in each line, with the following form:

    Table, Field name, Operator, Comparison value, AND/OR

    Proceed as follows:

    1. In the Table field, enter the name of the base table from which the field is taken.
    2. In Field name, enter the name of the field for which the selection condition was formulated.
    3. In Operator, enter the chosen operator for comparing the field contents and comparison value.

      You can find the valid operators with the F4 help.

    4. In Comparison value, enter a constant value with which the field value is compared.

      Text literals (which must be enclosed in apostrophes) and numbers are permitted as comparison values, depending on the data type of the field.

    5. In AND/OR, you can link two lines of the selection condition.

    You can enter the fields for which you want to define selection conditions directly or copy them with Table fields.

  4. To enter more than one selection condition, you must link them with AND or OR.

    OR operations are possible only between lines referring to the same field.

    OR takes priority over AND. The condition <COND1> AND <COND2> OR <COND3> is interpreted as <COND1> AND (<COND2> OR <COND3>).

  5. Choose  with the quick info text Save.

    You can formulate selection conditions for all the fields of the table contained in the view. It is not important whether or not these fields were included in the view.

    If you attach a table to your text table using a maintenance view you do not need a selection condition in the form text field = SY-LANGU since the system derives this restriction directly from the text foreign key .