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  1. On the maintenance screen of the table, choose Technical settings.

    The maintenance screen of the technical settings appears.

  2. Select the data class and size category of the table.

    The input help for the Size category field shows how many data records correspond to the individual categories.

  3. The buffering permission defines whether the table can be buffered.

    If you allow table buffering, you must define the buffering type of the table.

    You can find further information about when to buffer tables and what buffering type you must choose in Database Table Buffers .

  4. If you want to log changes to data records of the table, select Log data changes (see Logging ).

    To log changes, system logging must be switched on with the profile parameter rec/client. The Log data changes indicator on its own does not cause the table changes to be logged.

  5. Choose  with the quick info text Activate.

    Errors that occurred during activation are displayed in the activation log.

Additional Options

The Convert to transparent table indicator is displayed for pooled tables (and tables that were converted to a transparent table with this flag at an earlier time). You can convert the pooled table into a transparent table with this indicator (see Converting Pooled Tables to Transparent Tables ).


  • If the key length of the table is larger than 64, the table cannot be buffered generically.
  • If the key length of the table is larger than 120, the table cannot be buffered.
  • If the key of the table has more than 86 places or the data part of the table has more than 500 places, it is not possible to log the table.

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