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You use the activation type to define whether the table can be activated directly from the ABAP Dictionary, or whether the runtime object of the table must first be generated with a C program. This entry is optional and it is only important for tables of the runtime environment.

The following entries are possible for the activation type.

Activation type of the table Features of the activation type

Activation Type 01

Tables with this activation type cannot be activated from the ABAP Dictionary. The runtime object must be generated using a C program. The table can then be activated from the ABAP Dictionary. This activation type ensures that important system tables cannot be changed and activated directly.

Activation Type 02

Tables with activation type 02 are also used in C programs. The data structure in the C program must be adjusted manually when the table is changed. There is a relevant comment in the activation log for such tables.

Activation Type 10

Tables with activation type 10 are needed before R3TRANS runs. Such tables must exist before all other tables when upgrading.

Activation Type 00

Tables with activation type 00 can be activated directly from the ABAP Dictionary. This is the default setting for the activation type.