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You can easily convert pooled tables to transparent table using the transparent flag in the technical settings. You can use this option to access a pooled table from outside the SAP system.

  1. Open the Repository Browser (transaction code SE80) and navigate to the pooled table that you want to convert.
  2. Double-click on the pooled table.

    The maintenance screen of the table appears.

  3. On the maintenance screen of the pooled table, choose Technical Settings.

    The maintenance screen for the technical settings of the pooled table appears.

  4. On the technical settings maintenance screen, select the Convert to transparent table indicator.

    This corrects only the technical settings and not the table definition.

  5. Maintain the remaining attributes of the technical settings.
  6. Choose  with the quick Info text Activate.

    The technical settings are activated.


A conversion converts the pooled table to a transparent table. For more information, see Adjusting Database Structures . In a dialog box you can decide whether to convert the table directly or in the background.

If SAP delivers a table again with transparent flag set as a pooled table, it remains transparent in the user's system.

If you have set the transparent flag of a table and you want to convert it back into pooled table, you must first cancel the transparent flag. Then activate the technical settings. Only after these actions you can change the table category .


If there is a revised version of a pooled table, it cannot be converted to a transparent table with the transparent flag. In this case, the technical settings of the table cannot be activated when the transparent flag is set.

There are some restrictions for transparent tables (number of key fields, key length, table length) that are not valid for pooled tables. Only those pooled tables that satisfy all these restrictions can be converted using the transparent flag. If you violate one of these restrictions, the technical settings cannot be activated. In this case you can find the cause of the error in the activation log.

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