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Tables can be defined independently of the database in the ABAP Dictionary. The fields of the table are defined with their (database-independent) data types and lengths.

When the table is activated, the system creates a physical table definition in the database for the table definition stored in the ABAP Dictionary. The system translates the table definition from the ABAP Dictionary to a definition of the particular database. You can see these relations between the ABAP Dictionary and the database in the following figure.


A table definition in the ABAP Dictionary contains the following components:

  • Table Fields :

    Table fields define the field names and data types of the fields contained in the table

  • Foreign keys :

    Foreign keys define the relationships between the table and other tables.

  • Technical settings :

    Technical settings control the creation of the table in the database.

  • Indexes :

    To speed up data selection, secondary indexes can be created for the table.

    The customer can modify SAP tables with append structures and customizing includes . This kind of modification ensures that the customer enhancements are automatically merged with the new versions of the SAP tables when there is a release upgrade.

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