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A component of the Web Application Designer.


The Errors and Warnings screen area is used to display errors and warnings that are found when a Web template is validated.


The errors and warnings that are displayed in this screen area are based on the following possible checks for the Web template:

  • Validate

    This check is performed automatically and by default every two seconds. As part of this validation, the internal structure of the Web template is checked. You can change the refresh time for the validation in the menu bar by choosing Tools → Settings.

  • Validate on Server

    This validation, which you trigger manually, checks additional server conditions for creating a correct Web template. When this option is selected, the system validates, for example, whether a query that is being used as a data provider exists. To trigger the validation, in the menu bar for the Web Application Designer, choose Web Template → Validate on Server.

    For more information about validation and validation on the server, see Further Editing Web Templates .

  • Correct and Format

    This validation, which you can trigger manually, checks the internal structure of the HTML. You can only trigger this validation from the XHTML view. To do this, in the Web Application Designer menu bar, choose Edit → Correct and Format.