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Process Flow

In order to be able to analyze erroneous objects with the BI Connect Analyzer, you first have to make a number of settings after starting transaction RSBICA via Settings.

  1. Global Settings:  Here you change the analysis behavior of the BI Content Analyzer and the prestored check programs. For more information, seeSetting Global Settings.
  2. Check Execution: Here you specify the check types for use and group them as is required for the scheduling of check programs that follows. For more information seeDetermining Check Execution.
  3. Prioritization: Here you set the error priority for each check category. For more information, seeSetting Priorities.
  4. Exceptions: Here you set exceptions for the display of existing objects in the results area. For more information, seeSetting Exceptions.
  5. Special Objects: Here you set source-system dependent objects for auto activation. For more information, seeIncluding Source-System Dependent Objects.
  6. Packages Here you release packages for the check programs. For more information, seeReleasing Packages.

By making these basic settings, during analysis, you will receive exactly the data displayed that is interesting for you. Next you can schedule the check programs for the set BI systems using Edit  → Set Check Reports in the main menu and start the error analysis. For more information, seeScheduling Check Programs.