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You can use Central Performance History Reports (CPH) to display selected performance values of the CPH directly or as a job. When you do this, the report itself (for example, when executed on the screen) does not contain the complete header data of the report ‑ such as the settings of the Report Definition or the execution time of the report.

You can find this information in the report properties. You can also edit the report properties to add your own remarks, and save the properties as a local file. No changes to the text have any effect on any function of the CPH.

  1. You can display the report properties from several functions:
    • In the Report Browser, choose the desired report by double clicking it, and choose the Report Details pushbutton.
    • Execute a report directly on the screen (see Scheduling and Executing a Report), and choose the Report Detailspushbutton.
  2. In both cases, a screen appears on which the report properties are displayed. The screen has the following structure:

  1. To save the report properties as a local file, choose Save as a Local File ().

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