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The Universal Worklist (UWL) provides users with the People Picker functionality to search for users, roles and groups in the portal User Management Engine (UME). You use the People Picker in various scenarios involving people, for example:

  • Creating a task - to choose the task assignee

  • Forwarding a task - to choose whom to forward the task to

  • Creating a substitution rule - to choose the substitute

You can search for a specific user by:

  • First and last name separated by comma " , " - < last name, first name >

  • Unique name

  • Display name

You can also use search strings with wild-cards or an asterisk " * " in the end of the string. For example, search strings adm, adm*, and adm??istrator return as result all users, groups, and roles with the name administrator and administrators given that they exist in the UME.

Note The asterisk will not work if used alone. In case you search by asterisk only, UWL will display the message: “*” is not a valid search string.

You can view user details by clicking on the user in the results list. In the Name section you can seethe user's:

  • Display Name

  • Last Name

  • First Name

In the Communication section, you can see the user's:

  • Telephone

  • E-Mail Address

More Information

For more information about the configuration of the People Picker, see Configuring the People Picker .

For more information about UME, see User Management Engine .