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You can create and delete system groups, and add systems to and remove systems from existing system groups.


The CCMS System Component Repository (SCR) automatically creates system groups, which you can use as you want, if the systems contained in the groups are monitored by the monitoring architecture (see Registering SAP NetWeaver Components and Hosts in CEN). A system group is created for each SAP release and each database system in use. Each of the groups contain the relevant systems of the SCR.


To call the individual functions in the table, choose CCMS → Configuration → Alert Monitor, or call transaction RZ21. Choose Technical Infrastructure → Configure Central System → Maintain System Groups, and expand the tree to display the groups that have already been defined.

Function Navigation What You Should Know

Create a new system group

Maintain Groups → Create System Group

The new system group initially has the icon .The group only has the folder icon ( or ) once it contains systems.

Delete a System Group

Select the system group, then choose Maintain Groups → Delete System Group and confirm the command


Add a System to a System Group

Select the system group, then choose Maintain Systems → Add System

Use the input help to display the systems that are known to the monitoring architecture.

Remove a System from a System Group

Expand the system group and select the system, then choose Maintain Systems → Delete System and confirm the command

The system is only removed from the system group. However, it is not removed from the entries for remote systems.


The entries that you have made are saved directly. You do not need to save the data before leaving the screen.