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When working with AS Java services, you may want to use the command line, a UNIX script, or a Windows batch file to perform some operations, such as modifying online modifiable properties, getting/setting attributes, or invoking operations of JMX MBean objects.

For such use cases, a command line tool is created, called Online Property Modifier (OPM). This tool is located in folder /usr/sap/[SID]/[IID]/j2ee/configtool.

Starting the OPM Tool

You can use the following files to start the OPM tool, depending on your operating system (OS):

  • opm.bat - a batch file for Microsoft Windows OS
  • - a bash script for UNIX-based OS
  • opm.csh - a csh script for UNIX-based OS

Use the OPM tool to:

  • Modify online modifiable service properties on an instance level;
  • Read service properties defined on an instance level;
  • Set and get attributes of JMX MBean objects;
  • Invoke operations of JMX MBean objects.

JMX MBean objects can be specified either by their object name, or by their J2EE type and name.

  • OPM cannot perform operations on instances that are not running on the local host.
  • OPM cannot execute MBean operations on MBeans that have more than one operation with the same name and number of arguments.
  • OPM supports only the following data types:
    • java.lang.String
    • [Ljava.lang.String; (a directional array of java.lang.String)
    • short
    • int
    • long
    • byte
    • char
    • float
    • double
    • java.util.Date with format dd-MM-yyyy hh:mm:ss
    • boolean
    • java.util.Properties
    • java.lang.Object
    Note If an operation with a different data type is detected, the tool will terminate with a non-zero exit code.
  • OPM can display only the following data types:
    • [Ljava.lang.String;
    • [[Ljava.lang.String;
    • [;
    • [Ljava.util.Properties;
    • [Lshort;
    Note If the data type is not part of the list, the tool calls the provided toString() method of the data type.