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 Changing the Size and Position of Chart ElementsLocate this document in the navigation structure


The Chart Designer optimally places all elements of a chart in the chart area, taking all element properties that influence size and position into account.

The position and size of elements are influenced by the following factors:

  • Font size, and size and quantity of text for elements such as axis labels, titles, and legends.
  • Space between individual elements.
  • Automatic positioning of elements. This affects titles, subtitles, and legends (for example, Alignment → Top).
  • Manual positioning of elements. This affects drawing areas, titles, subtitles, and legends.
Defining Offsets Between Elements

You can define the minimum offset around an element. This can be done for axis labels, legends, and for the entire drawing area. The Chart Designer takes the defined offset into account when automatically positioning all elements.

  1. Select the required element.
  2. Enter the required value in pixels into the property Offset.
Positioning Elements Manually

You define the absolute size of the entire chart (for example, 300x300 points) in your layout in the Web Application Designer.

You define the position of certain elements in relation to the chart size in the Chart Designer. You therefore define the position not using absolute measurements such as pixels or centimeters, but with percentage values.

You always enter four percentage values for positioning (for top, bottom, right, and left). These values form an area that is reserved for the element in question.


You always calculate the percentage values for the positioning of an element from the left and top edges.

The reserved area for the element in the example below begins at 25% and ends at 50% distance from the left edge. It therefore covers 25% of the horizontal chart area. The top edge of the element begins at 25% and the bottom edge ends at 37.5%. This means that the element has a height of 12.5% of the entire chart area.

  1. Choose Layout from the list of elements and then choose the required element.
  2. Deselect the field Automatic.
  3. Enter the required percentage values into the fields Top, Left, Bottom, and Right.

The element is moved to the required position as you make your entries. If the element is smaller than the area that you reserve for it, it is moved to the center of the reserved area.


If you are not happy with the manual positioning, you can always check the field Automatic again, and have the Chart Designer select the best positioning for you. The property Automatic is valid for all elements within the element group Layout.


If you position the elements so that they overlap, they may hide one another. The sequence of elements from background to foreground is as follows: Drawing area, title, subtitle, legend.