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Importing the Root Certificate of the CALocate this document in the navigation structure


The Web server needs the root certificate of the certification authority (CA) that issued the certificates for the Web server and the Java client.


You have collected the root certificate of the CA and stored it in any directory. The procedure for collecting the root certificate depends on the CA in question.


  1. 1.      Navigate to the directory that contains the root certificate of the CA.
  2. 2.      Double-click on the certificate file<name>.cert.
  3. 3.      Choose Install Certificate.

    An assistant starts in order to help you to import the certificate.

  4. 4.      Choose Next.
  5. 5.      Choose Place all certificates in the following store, and then choose Browse.
  6. 6.      Select the Show physical store field.
  7. 7.      Under Trusted Root Certification Authorities, select the folder Local Computer. This installs the root certificate of the CA centrally for the current host.
  8. 8.      Choose OK.
  9. 9.      Choose Next and then Finish.


Now you are ready to make sure that the Web server can authenticate the Java client.