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Configuring Remote Function Call Connectivity to Communication ProfilesLocate this document in the navigation structure


You use communication profiles that are remote function call connectivity (RFC connectivity) enabled to configure RFC connectivity and establish RFC connections to provider systems. In the RFC profiles, you configure Secure Network Call (SNC) policies to secure the communication between the consumer and provider systems.

More information about the SNC: Configuring SNC: AS Java to AS ABAP


Configuration Options for Communication Profiles

On the SNC Settings area, specify the relevant options.

  • To enable SNC, select the corresponding checkbox.

  • To configure quality of product (QoP) settings, choose one of the following radio buttons:

    • To set a user name/password authentication, choose Authentication Only .

    • To set a signature authentication, choose Integrity Protection .

    • To set encryption, choose Privacy Protection .

  • In the SNC Partner Name field, enter the SNC name of the provider system. You can find the SNC name of the provider system in the following profile parameter snc/identity/as

Proceed with the other tasks of the procedure: Preparing Communication Profiles