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A day schema specifies whether or not the individual hours of the day should be considered during the aggregation of minute, quarter hour, or hour values to day values. In this way, you can ensure that only values for a particular time of day are used when calculating the daily average values.

Create your own day schema if you want to ensure that only certain hours of the day are used during aggregation. You can also use a calendar schema to assign different day schemata to different days. In this way, you can, for example, use different periods from Monday to Friday as on Saturday and Sunday.

  1. 1.       You can call the editing of day schemata from several functions:
    • ¡        On the overview screen of the CPH (transaction RZ23N), choose, in the Data Collection and Reorganization group box, the Day Schemata pushbutton.
    • ¡        On the screens on which there is an input field for entering a day schema, you can use the selection help to obtain a list of all existing day schemata. On this screen, choose Display details ().
  2. 2.       In both cases, the Edit Day Schema screen appears. On this screen, the system displays the weighting factors for the selected schema for each hour of the day:

  1. 3.       To edit a different day schema, enter the desired schema in the Name of day schema input field.
  2. 4.       Select the indicator for the relevant hours to use this period for aggregations or report definitions that use this day schema. Remove the selection to avoid using the data for this hour.
  3. 5.       Save your entries.

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