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Before you can use a new method, you must define it and release it in the Alert Monitor. You can then Assign the Method to an MTE. You can also transport method definitions to other SAP systems.


The methods created by SAP already exist in all systems with the same SAP release. This means that you only need to transport your own method definitions.

  1. Choose CCMS →Configuration →Alert Monitor, or call transaction RZ21.
  2. The Monitoring: Properties and Methods screen appears. Choose Methods → Create New Method.
  3. The Monitoring: Methods screen appears. Enter the name and description of the method.
  4. Choose the Executiontab page and select the desired radio button in the To Be Executedgroup box. If, for example, you want to execute transaction ST04 as a method, choose the Transactionradio button and enter CallST04 in the field.
  5. In the Execute Method On group box, determine the server on which the method is to be executed.
  6. If you want to run a function module as a method, you can specify the method parameters on the Parameters tab page.
  7. Choose the Control tab page to specify the task type in which the method is to be executed. The method can automatically be executed in a dialog process or as a job, or you can specify that the method is to be manually executed.

    We recommend that you run long-running methods as background jobs. If you choose this option, the SAP System assigns the method to available background processes. You do not need to schedule the background job manually; however, you can use transaction SM37 to check its status.

  8. You must release the method that you have defined so that it can be used in the monitoring architecture. To do this, choose the Release tab page. Specify whether your method is to be used as a data collection, auto-reaction, or analysis method, and choose Enter.
  9. After you have saved your method definition, you can transport it to another system by choosing Transport.

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