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The monitoring architecture displays a tree in theAlert Monitor that contains all monitoring tree elements (MTEs) for your monitored systems. The elements are clearly structured and arranged in the tree. There are three types of MTEs:

  • Summary MTEs (Monitoring Summary Nodes)

    These act as titles or headings in the alert monitor and do not have any monitoring functions themselves. No alerts can be triggered for summary MTEs. However, alert statuses and messages can be displayed.

    There are two kinds of monitoring summary node:

    • Real monitoring summary nodes: are stored in the monitoring segment
    • Virtual monitoring summary nodes ( ): are not stored in the monitoring segment, but exist only to provide a clearer display of real MTEs in a monitor
  • Monitoring objects ( )

    Monitoring objects are particular components of your systems that the monitoring architecture monitors (such as SpaceManagement or CPU). They are created by thedata suppliers. The objects combine various monitoring attributes that belong to the same component or the same attribute of a system.

  • Monitoring attributes

    Monitoring attributes are data types that can be reported for a particular monitoring object. The monitoring object CPU, for example, has the attributes CPU utilization and 5MinuteLoadAverage. A data supplier reports data for these attributes, and the alert monitor triggers alerts for the attributes if the data violates the defined alert thresholds.

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