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As a system administrator, you can conveniently monitor your system with monitor sets. A monitor set contains several monitors. In turn these monitors consist of subtrees of all available objects. You can group the monitors according to task, by setting up several monitor sets in parallel.

You can either create the monitor sets temporarily, in order to solve a problem and then delete them, or you can store them permanently in the system.


The SAP System contains three predefined standard monitor sets:

  • SAP CCMS Monitor Templates

    The monitors in the SAP CCMS Monitor Templates monitor set display the monitoring objects and attributes that are crucial for the monitoring of your SAP systems and which are used for normal system administration.

  • SAP CCMS Technical Expert Monitors

    Use the monitors in the SAP CCMS Technical Expert Monitors monitor set to monitor the monitoring architecture itself and to analyze problems in this area.

    For example, you can use the CCMS Selfmonitoring monitor for internal monitoring or All Monitoring Contexts to view all available contexts in your systems.

  • SAP CCMS Monitors for Optional Components

    Use the monitors in this set to monitor components that are not part of the standard SAP system.

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