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You can do the following in the Queue Admin area:

  • Monitor queues
  • Configure queue parameters
  • Troubleshoot

    If TREX is connected to an SAP system, indexing can take place with or without a queue server. If indexing takes place without a queue server, the Queue Admin area is not relevant.

    The configuration that you use depends on the application that is connected to TREX. SAP Note 658052 contains information on which configuration is suitable for which application.


The following table provides an overview of the functions and a link to the associated documentation:

Function Description

Watch Queues

Monitoring Queues


Triggering the Processing of a Queue


Suspending a Queue


Activating a Queue


Emptying a Queue

Get Entries

Information on Processing Documents

Get Documents

Technical Information on Documents

Delete Documents

Deleting Documents from a Queue

Show Queue Parameters, Set Queue Parameters

Displaying and changingqueue parameters

Reset Failed States

Resetting the Error Status