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Lines outline colored areas (for instance, as edges of columns in a column chart) or stand alone as pointers in a speedometer chart.

You can change the following things for lines:

  • Color
  • Format (for example, solid or dotted)
  • Width of the line in pixels

For lines that display data series in a chart, you can also define the line type (whether the line between data points is straight, curved, or incremented).

Changing Line Appearance
  1. Select the element in which you want to format a line.
  2. Choose the required property (for example, Minor Ticks in a bar chart).
  3. Change the line as required.

The chart preview changes according to your entries.

See also: Assigning Colors .

Changing the Line Type

You can change the line type of a chart that has at least one data series of the type profile or line.

  1. Select the property Data Series Format → <name of data series>.
  2. Choose the required entry from the Line Type list.

The chart preview changes according to your entries.