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Transport and change management enables and guarantees the distribution of software changes from the development environment to quality assurance and productive environments. It also provides the general conditions for the administration of customer-specific developments and adjustments within the context of BI Content.


Transport System

In most cases, BW development projects are not executed in production systems. Depending on their scope, they are carried out in one or more development systems. If you carry out your development projects in a development system, you have to transport the development to a target system (a test or production system). You use the transport connection to collect newly created and changed BW objects in the respective development system. You transport them using the Change and Transport Organizer (CTO).

You can choose the following transport strategies:

  • Standard transport system
  • BW transport system

For more information, seeTransporting BW Objects.

In the context of integrating BW Content into the portal, you can export iViews as portal content in the source portal and import them to the target portal. For more information, seeIntegration of Content from BI into Other Portals.

Object Changeability

You can also change objects of a specific object type that are globally set to "not changeable" in BW systems. You do this by setting the individual object types to changeable in the Transport Connection function area of the Data Warehousing Workbench.


Note that these objects are no longer connected to the transport system. We therefore only recommend using this process in production systems.

For more information, seeDefining Object Changeability.

Transport and Change Management for Developing and Adjusting BI Content

The BW version and transport concept are of paramount importance for customer-specific BW Content developments (customer content). Information about how such developments are transported and how the BW version concept can prevent changes to BW objects delivered by SAP from overwriting customer-specific adjustments and developments is available underTransporting BW Objects and Creating, Delivering, and Copying BW Content.