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You use includes in database views to add the fields of a table in the view. All the fields of the included table become fields of the view (whereby you can explicitly exclude certain fields). If new fields are included in the table or existing fields are deleted, the system automatically adjusts the view to this change. A new or deleted field is thus included in the view or deleted from the view in this case. In the following figure, you can see a table (TABB) which is included in a database view.

To include one of the tables in the view, go to the maintenance screen of the view. Enter character * in the View field, the name of the table to be included in the Table field and character * again in Field name on the View fields tab page.

You can also exclude individual fields of an included table. If you do not want to include a field of the included table in the view, proceed as follows. Enter - in the View field, enter the name of the included table in the Table field and the name of the field to be excluded in Field name.