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Configuring Template and Instance PropertiesLocate this document in the navigation structure


This procedure enables you to configure the AS Java on a template and an instance level. You can edit the server processes (nodes), the JVM settings, the cluster elements' properties and so on.

If you change properties on an instance, the changes apply only to this instance.


You cannot make log configuration. To do that, use the GUI Config Tool.

More information: Log Configuration with GUI Config Tool


Start the command console Config Tool by double-clicking the consoleconfig script file in <SAP_install_dir>/<system_name>/<instance_name>/j2ee/configtool directory.


From the console menu, select <Template_name> or <Instance_number> , depending on the level you want to configure.


We recommend that you do not edit template properties containing value links. For example:

Template property: initialHeapSize

Value link: 128 max ($link{.#maxNewSize.value}+64

Editing Server Processes

  1. Choose Server Nodes .

  2. To only view information, choose Get Server Nodes info .

  3. To change the number of server processes, choose Edit Server Nodes info and then choose E for "Edit".

  4. To reset to default value, choose D for "Default".

  5. To make a node debuggable, choose Debug Node .

  6. Choose E for "Edit", and then Y for "Yes".

  7. Choose Get Debug Node info to view the change.

  8. To save the change, choose Apply Changes .


    If you want to export the configuration you have made to an XML file, choose Export to XML and then choose Apply Changes .

Configuring JVM Parameters

The default JVM vendor-platform combination for the two levels is respectively:

  • Template level: GLOBAL-GLOBAL .

  • Instance level: sap-<operating system>

More information: Configuring JVM Parameters

Modifying the Cluster Elements' Properties

You can view and edit the properties of applications, managers and services on both a template and an instance level.

More information: Modifying Service, Manager, or Application Properties

Configuring Shared Table

You can configure the shared table on both a template and an instance level.

The properties on an instance level do not contain value links.

More information: Configuring Shared Table