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Database users have a range of SQL user properties.



Database User Class

Database user class (user mode DBA | RESOURCE | STANDARD)

Connection Mode

NOT EXCLUSIVE: Allows the database user to open several database sessions simultaneously.

EXCLUSIVE: Each database user can open only one database session.


This connection mode only exists still for historical reasons. Do not use it. Database users with this connection mode cannot work with Database Studio.

DISABLED: The database user is locked and cannot open any database sessions.

Session Timeout

Time after which the database session is ended after user inactivity.

Cost Warning

Specifies the estimated SELECT cost value beyond which the user receives a warning. In this case, the user is asked whether he or she really wants to execute the SQL statement.

Cost Limit

Specifies the estimated SELECT cost value beyond which the SQL statement is not executed. This value must be greater than the Cost Warning value.

Default Code Attribute

Default code attribute for creating new columns

DEFAULT: The default code attribute is defined by the DefaultCodePage database parameter.



The database system administrator is a special database user with the most comprehensive SQL user properties of all database users. The database system administrator belongs to the database user class SYSDBA (administrator).

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