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A chart is normally displayed as a bar chart. You can change the chart type for the entire chart.

You can also combine multiple chart types in the same chart by changing the depiction of a single data series. For example you can display the planned turnover of several subsidiaries and show the average current turnover as a line.

Changing the Chart Type of an Entire Chart
  1. Choose Global Settings from the list of elements.
  2. Choose the required type from the field Chart Type.
  3. The chart preview changes according to your entry.

You can also change the chart type in the following way:

  1. Use the secondary mouse button to click on the chart.
  2. Choose Change Chart Type from the context menu.
  3. Select the required chart type in the overview screen, and then choose Change.

    When choosing a chart type, make sure that it is suitable for your data source. The chart preview displays an example diagram with no real data.

Changing the Chart Type of a Single Data Series
  1. Choose Series from the list of elements and expand the node so that you can see the required data series.
  2. In the property field Chart Type choose the required chart type for this single data series.