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Defining Custom Error Pages HandlingLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can add custom functionality to the error handling mechanism without changing the default error pages.


Replacing the Default Error Handling Logic with a Custom One

To replace the default error handing mechanism with a custom one, you have to develop your own HTML file, or a JSP, or servlet within an application. After deploying this application you have to set the related properties using the Config Tool:

  • Global_app_config/error_page/context_root defines the name of the application which is responsible for the error handling mechanism.

  • Global_app_config/error_page/location specifies the name of the servlet that takes care of the error processing.

To change the values of these properties, proceed as follows:

  1. In the Config Tool, choose View and select the Expert Mode checkbox.

  2. Expand the nodes Start of the navigation path cluster-data Next navigation step template Next navigation step  instance Next navigation step services End of the navigation path and select the servlet_jsp node.

  3. Select the property you want to specify. Enter the new value in the Custom Value field and choose Set Custom Value .

  4. Choose Apply changes.