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Various different Web services and ICF services are delivered with SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse.

ICF Services

ICF services are based on the Internet Communication Framework (ICF) of the SAP NetWeaver Application Server. ICF services are HTTP services that are used to execute HTTP request handlers. The BW HTTP services allow you to display or exchange BW data using a URL. Some of these services are implemented as Web services.

Structure of the URL

The URL of an HTTP service delivered in a BW namespace has the following structure:


URL Prefix

The values used for the place holder in the specified URL schema depend on the installation. For <Protocol>, http and https can be selected. For <Server>, enter your message server.

You can check which URL prefix your BW system has generated as follows:

  1. Call Function Builder (transaction SE37).
  2. Enter RSBB_URL_PREFIX_GET as the function module.
  3. Choose Test/Execute. The Test Function Module screen appears.
  4. As import parameter I_HANDLERCLASS, enter the name of the ICF handler (HTTP Request Handler) for the required service.

    You can find out the name of the ICF handler in the Maintenance of Services (transaction SICF). Navigate to the required service component in the HTTP service tree. Double-click to open the Change/Create a Service dialog box. The HTTP request handler for the service is displayed on the Handler List tab page.

  5. Choose Execute. Export parameter E_URL_PREFIX contains the generated URL prefix.


Enter the technical name of the required service here. The name comprises all the elements of the path in the HTTP service tree (transaction SICF).

Prerequisites for Using the Service

The required HTTP service must be active.


To check this, navigate to the required service component in Service Maintenance (transaction SICF). If the service is active, you cannot select the Activate Service entry in the context menu.

Delivered Service

The following service is implemented as a Web service:

Web Services that are not in the BW Namespace

For details of the procedure for building URLs for Web services that are not in the /sap/bw namespace, see the documentation for these Web services.