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You can format the areas of elements either by changing the color or by assigning a pattern, a gradient or a texture.

You can change the following areas:

  • Background of the chart and the drawing area
  • Background of the title, subtitle or legend
  • Background of the axis label and title
  1. Select the element in the chart or choose one from the list of elements.
  2. In the property area, choose Area properties and define the required area there.

    You can find settings for the background of the entire chart in the list of elements directly under Background.

See also:

Assigning Colors

Using Textures

When formatting the areas, keep the following in mind:

  • When you select a pattern or a gradient, you should define both the color and the secondary color. By default the secondary color is black (RGB 0,0,0).
  • The secondary color is the dominating color for patterns.
  • Gradients begin with the primary color and change to the secondary color.
  • You can choose either the pattern or the gradient or the texture. The order of the items in this list reflect the hierarchy: a texture has priority over a gradient, and a gradient over a pattern and a simple color.
  • To remove area formatting, select the property none.

    You can simplify the different colors in a row of data, for example in a pie chart with a color by changing the property Data series format → Area properties → Colorfrom Automatic to a fixed color value.