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Using the Cache Despite Virtual Characteristics and Key FiguresLocate this document in the navigation structure


Using the Using Cache Despite Virtual Characteristics/Key Figures option, you can explicitly define that this data is written to the cache after being read by the database and running through the customer exit. Subsequently, the cached data will be accessed.


SAP Enhancement RSR00002

  1. You have created an active project in SAP Enhancement Project Administration (transaction CMOD) and have assigned SAP enhancement RSR00002 to it.
  2. You have defined the required virtual characteristics or key figures in the InfoProvider. You have also defined the customer-specific code in include reports for function module EXIT_SAPMRSRU_001.

    For more information about customer exits, see the system documentation. SAP Enhancement Project Administration (transaction SMOD) for enhancement RSR00002 (BI: Virtual Characteristics and Key Figues in Reporting), select subobject Documentation and choose Display.


Alternatively, you can implement Business Add-In RSR_OLAP_BADI rather than SAP enhancement RSR00002.


You can more information about the interface for this Business Add-In in the BadI Definition (transaction SE 19). Note that you can transfer the example code for this BadI (example implementation class CL_EXM_IM_RSR_OLAP_BADI).


The following ODS objects for the utilities industry are delivered with SAP Business Content and contain examples of virtual characteristics and key figures:

InfoProvider Virtual InfoObjects

ODS Object Inventory Statistics Prepayment Counter

Technical NameÖ 0UCS_DS02

Virtual characteristics:

VKF key figure area consumption debts

VKZ Key figure area consumption debts installment

VKZ Key figure area other debts

VKF key figure area other debts installment

DataStore object Payment Scheme

Technical NameÖ 0UCS_DS03

Virtual key figure

Number of payments