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Configuring the Display of Objects in the Portal CatalogLocate this document in the navigation structure


By default, objects in the Portal Catalog are displayed using the object name. You can also configure the Portal Catalog to display the object ID of each object, or to display a combination of both the object name and the object ID.

You perform these configuration steps in SAP NetWeaver Administrator. For information about accessing services in SAP NetWeaver Administrator, see Accessing Portal Services in SAP NetWeaver Administrator .


  1. In SAP NetWeaver Administrator, go to the Application Modules page.
  2. In the Module List area, select webdynpro/resources/ .
  3. In the Web Module Details area, select the Web Dynpro Properties tab.
  4. Select Components/ , and in the Full Details area, set the view_mode property to one of the following values:
    • title

      Displays the name of the object.

    • id

      Displays the object ID.

    • id_title

      Displays the object in the following format: objectID (object name) .

    • title_id

      Displays the object in the following format: object name (objectID)

  5. Save your changes and restart the application.