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Tab Page: Print Settings


The Print Settings tab page in the New Reporting Agent Setting screen shows all objects available for the print layout, and the corresponding print areas.


If you want to print a query in the background, and have created a new Reporting Agent setting to do this, you can set how the query is displayed in the Print Settings tab page.


Print Settings

What you need to know


The system uses the description you entered for the new Reporting Agent setting.

If you want to make a distinction between several print outs of the same query, you can enter a new title.

Suppressing repeated texts

If you set this indicator, identical characteristic attributes are only printed once, and not repeated in every row.

Suppressing zeros

If you set this indicator, cells containing a zero value (0.00) are left empty. If all cells in a row have a zero value, this row is not printed at all.

Using colors

If you set this indicator, all ABAP list colors are used.

Do not print lines

If you set this indicator, the query is printed without lines.

Currencies/units position

You can choose the following display options for currencies and units:

  • Left (of amount)
  • Right (of amount)
  • No display

+/- position

You can choose the following +/- positions:

  • before the value -123.45
  • after the value 123.45-
  • in parentheses (123.45)

The default setting is before the value -123.45.

Result Position

You can choose the following result position:

  • Bottom/right
  • top/left


Under the Pages group header, you can specify the number of Rows and Columns you want each page to have.

You can set the Maximum Number of Pages to avoid printing a lot of pages unnecessarily if you accidentally choose the wrong print settings. If you do not want to restrict the number of pages that are printed, enter a 0 here.

Page margins

Under the Page Margins group header, you can enter the page margin width you require.

  • The lower and upper margin has a width in rows.
  • The left and right margin has a width in characters.

Print format

With large numbers of columns, it is not possible to print all the columns on one page. The columns are therefore printed on several pages. You are able to specify the order in which the pages are printed - horizontally or vertically.


For performance reasons, we recommend you use the horizontal print direction, since data is only read once for the printout here.


When you have made the print settings you want to use, choose the Print Layout tab page. Here, you can determine which characteristics and key figures you want to use in the print output, and how you want them to be displayed.

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