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 Updating the Central Repository


If a system is already registered in a central System Component Repository (see also: Creating a Central Repository), you can, from the system of the subordinate, local repository, update the data for this system in the central repository, as required. This is useful in the following situations:

  • You have made configuration changes in a system and updated the local repository (see Updating a Local Repository) and now want to make the changes visible in the central repository immediately.
  • You have not scheduled the job CCMS_REPOSITORY_RECONCILIATION for regular execution. In this case, the central repository is only updated if you explicitly start the update with this function.


  1. Choose CCMS → Configuration → Alert Monitor, or call transaction RZ21.
  2. Choose Technical Infrastructure → System Repository → Update (local → central). The transaction first checks whether the job CCMS_REPOSITORY_RECONCILIATION has the status scheduled, released or active. If this is not the case, the transaction queries the start conditions for the job and schedules it on the local system. The job reports to the central repository changes made in the local repository since the last report. The runtime of the job is usually less than 30 seconds.

By default, the job CCMS_REPOSITORY_RECONCILIATION is only scheduled once. You can, however, schedule the job to be executed periodically to automatically update the central repository. To schedule the job periodically, start transaction SM37 (Simple Job Selection) and repeat the scheduling for the job CCMS_REPOSITORY_RECONCILIATION. Enter a job period of between a day and a week for the scheduling.


You have updated the data for your local repository in the central repository. An update of your local repository has not taken place by doing this.

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