Start Level 1 Node: Discovering services in the Services RegistryDiscovering services in the Services RegistryEnd Level 1 Node: Discovering services in the Services Registry
   Start Level 1 Node: UDDI Server and Services RegistryUDDI Server and Services RegistryEnd Level 1 Node: UDDI Server and Services Registry
   Start Level 1 Node: Services Registry EntitiesServices Registry EntitiesEnd Level 1 Node: Services Registry Entities
   Start Level 1 Node: Structuring of Services in the RegistryStructuring of Services in the RegistryEnd Level 1 Node: Structuring of Services in the Registry
   Start Level 1 Node: Predefined Classification SystemsPredefined Classification SystemsEnd Level 1 Node: Predefined Classification Systems
   Start Level 1 Node: Interoperability with Services RegistryInteroperability with Services RegistryEnd Level 1 Node: Interoperability with Services Registry
   Start Level 1 Node: Service Consumption with the Services RegistryService Consumption with the Services RegistryEnd Level 1 Node: Service Consumption with the Services Registry
   Start Level 1 Node: Searching and Browsing Service DefinitionsSearching and Browsing Service DefinitionsEnd Level 1 Node: Searching and Browsing Service Definitions
   Start Level 1 Node: Managing Service DefinitionsManaging Service DefinitionsEnd Level 1 Node: Managing Service Definitions
   Start Level 1 Node: Classifying Service DefinitionsClassifying Service DefinitionsEnd Level 1 Node: Classifying Service Definitions
   Start Level 1 Node: Publishing Service Definitions Using the Services RegistryPublishing Service Definitions Using the Services RegistryEnd Level 1 Node: Publishing Service Definitions Using the Services Registry
   Start Level 1 Node: Removing Services from the Services RegistryRemoving Services from the Services RegistryEnd Level 1 Node: Removing Services from the Services Registry
   Start Level 1 Node: Searching and Browsing Service GroupsSearching and Browsing Service GroupsEnd Level 1 Node: Searching and Browsing Service Groups
   Start Level 1 Node: Managing Classification SystemsManaging Classification SystemsEnd Level 1 Node: Managing Classification Systems
   Start Level 1 Node: Managing Physical SystemsManaging Physical SystemsEnd Level 1 Node: Managing Physical Systems
   Start Level 1 Node: Defining Usage ProfilesDefining Usage ProfilesEnd Level 1 Node: Defining Usage Profiles
   Start Level 1 Node: Importing or Exporting Services Registry ContentImporting or Exporting Services Registry ContentEnd Level 1 Node: Importing or Exporting Services Registry Content
   Start Level 1 Node: Cleaning the Services RegistryCleaning the Services RegistryEnd Level 1 Node: Cleaning the Services Registry
   Start Level 1 Node: APIsAPIsEnd Level 1 Node: APIs