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A service is an application that is started when the Microsoft Windows operating system is started, and it runs in the background until the operating system is shut down. Services are started under specific user names.

Table 1: Services


Default Operating System User


  • MaxDB: <database_name>

  • MaxDB: <database_name> (slow)

Local System Account

Kernel of database <database_name>

This service is available in several versions for each database (one service per kernel variant). Only one of each of these services can run (system default: fast kernel variant).

More information: Glossary, Kernel Variant

If this service is stopped, then either the database was transferred to the OFFLINE operational state or the database crashed.

Do not start this service manually, but by transferring the database to the ONLINE operational state using a database tool (Database Studio, Database Manager CLI or CCMS).

More information: Database Administration, Activating Automatic Database Start


Local System Account

Internal database for user authentication

MAXDB: . <generated_name>


MAXDB: .M770205

Local System Account

Service database for special internal administration tasks

More information: Glossary, Service Database


Local System Account

Global listener (if it has been assigned the default port 7210) or a SAP MaxDB X server (if the X server has been assigned the global listener's default port 7210)

The global listener and X servers need to be started in the following cases, among others:

  • Clients from other computers want to access a database on the local computer

  • You use the JDBC interface

More information: Global Listener and X Servers


Local System Account

Installation-specific X servers with port <port_number> and/or the global listener (if it has not been assigned the default port 7210)