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Web application design, with the BEx Web Application Designer as its main tool, allows you to use generic OLAP navigation for your BW data in Web applications for simple or highly individual scenarios. Web application design incorporates a broad spectrum of Web-based business intelligence scenarios, which you can adjust to meet your individual needs using standard Web technologies.


Using the BEx Web Application Designer , the central desktop application used to create Web applications, you can generate HTML pages that contain BW-specific content such as tables, charts or maps. These objects, which retrieve BW data from a data provider and place it in a Web application as HTML, are known as Web items. For more information about the Web items available, see Web Items . Web Applications are based on Web templates that you create and edit in the Web Application Designer. You can save the Web templates and access them from the Web browser or the portal. Once they are executed on the Web, Web templates are referred to as Web applications.

Business Explorer Web application design allows you to create highly individual scenarios with user-defined interface elements by using standard markup languages and the Web design API. You can adjust and enhance the individual Web templates (the HTML pages that determine the structure of Web applications). For more information, see Web Design API .