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You can manage the Web services and Web service clients deployed on AS Java in the following ways:

  • Configuring Web services

    You can configure Web services and Web service clients using the SAP NetWeaver Administrator tool. You can use this tool to apply the specific runtime configuration settings (such as concrete security mechanism) with which you want to provide or consume a Web service.

    For more information, see Configuring Web Services and Web Service Clients .

  • Publishing Web services in Services Registry

    Services Registry represents a UDDI-compiant registry for Web services. Located centrally within a SOA landscape, it contains information about services provided in that landscape, with references to the services' relevant WSDL metadata and to the locations of the callable service endpoints. To facilitate the discovery of Web services, you can publish them in Services Registry.

    For more information, see Publishing to the Services Registry .

  • Testing Web services

    You can test how a Web service works without having a consumer application for it.

    For more information, see Testing Web Services in the Web Services Navigator .

  • Monitoring Web Services

    You can use the log viewer to obtain information about connectivity issues during runtime. To monitor Web Services Reliable Messaging (WS-RM) communication, you can use the message monitor and the sequence monitor.

    For more information, see Monitoring Web Services .