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Configuring Connections to Solution Composer SystemsLocate this document in the navigation structure

Before you can connect to a Solution Composer system you have to configure a Solution Composer connection.


  • You have configured SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio to connect to a remote system.

  • Optionally, you have configured the proxy settings of the Developer Studio.


To find service interfaces which are deployed on remote systems, you have to configure connections to the corresponding systems. You can create multiple connections to systems in the Solution Composer. SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio saves all connections which you create and displays them in the Search Console. At a later stage, when you search for service interfaces, you can choose the particular system in which you want to perform the search.


  1. Choose Start of the navigation path Window Next navigation step Preferences End of the navigation path
  2. On the left hand side of the Preferences window that opens, expand the Destination Configurations node, and then choose Solution composer .
  3. To add a connection to a system that hosts service interfaces, proceed as follows. After you add a system connection to the list, you can edit the settings of that connection or you can delete it from the list.
    1. Choose Add .

      Create Configuration window opens.

    2. In the Connection Settings area, enter the following information:

      1. Enter a connection name. This name appears on the user interface when the connection is established.

      2. In the Server Host field, enter the host name of the system.

      3. In the Server Port field, enter the port number of the system.

      4. Enter package and application parameters for the configuration of the Solution Composer system.

        Optionally, you can expand the Select package area and choose a package from the table that opens.

    3. In the User Credentials area, enter the following information:

      1. Choose whether you want to specify credentials.

      2. Enter your user name and password to log on the Solution Composer system.

    4. Choose OK .

      The system adds the connection which you established to the list of connections on the Solution Composer window.

  4. Choose OK .


You configured a connection to a Solution Composer system in SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio. As a next step, you can proceed to browsing service interfaces.

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