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Using the accounting infrastructure you can track the resource consumption of the Web components of your application. You can collect statistics such as CPU time on all SAP Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) and allocated memory, and aggregate the consumed resources in a central accounting table.


To display the central accounting table, use these Telnet commands:

            >add accounting
            >acc_list -s 3 desc

You can monitor the Web Container and the HTTP Provider services independently. The first one is enabled by default, while the second one needs to be activated. Both services log the collected statistics in the trace files:

  • for the Web Container service.

  • for the HTTP Provider service.


Enabling Resource Accounting

You can enable the accounting of the HTTP Provider service using the EnableRequestAccounting property. To change its value, use the following Telnet commands:

               >setsp -p EnableRequestAccounting true http

To check the current value of this property, use the following Telnet command:

               >listsp http

To configure the resource accounting of the Web Container service, replace http in the Telnet commands above with servlet_jsp .

Using the Collected Statistics

To display the statistics, you have to change the severity of System.out to debug:

  1. Open the SAP NetWeaver Administrator.

  2. Choose Start of the navigation path Configuration Management Next navigation step Infrastructure Next navigation step Log Configuration End of the navigation path.

  3. From the Show list, select Tracing Locations .

  4. In the Location field, enter the corresponding trace file ( or ) and choose Go .

  5. Change the severity of the corresponding root location to Debug . Save the configuration. In the Pattern field you can find exactly which log contains the messages.

The statistics appear in the trace files in XML format.