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Extending Module Chain for SAP Adapters in the Module ProcessorLocate this document in the navigation structure


If you want to add your own modules or SAP modules to adapters, you must integrate these modules at the correct place in the module processor.

This position depends on the direction of the adapter and the quality of service (synchronous/asynchronous communication).

  • In all adapters, the configuration of the module processor depends on the selected message protocol.

    In adapters with more than one message protocol, you must select the message protocol that you want to use on the Parameters tab page before configuration in the module processor.

    If you change the message protocol at a later point in time, this resets all the changes in the module processor.

  • The following figures relate to adapters that provide an adapter module. They are listed in the table:
    Adapter Module Name

    RFC adapter


    File/FTP adapter

    JDBC adapter


    SOAP adapter

    Marketplace adapter


    More information: Changing a Marketplace Adapter Module

    Mail adapter

    RNIF 2.0 adapter


    The sender adapter cannot be extended.

    RNIF 1.1 adapter


    The sender adapter cannot be extended.

    CIDX adapter


    The sender adapter cannot be extended.

    Java HTTP adapter

The modules are all of type Local Enterprise Bean.


Add Modules in Asynchronous Communication

  1. In asynchronous communication, you always insert your own modules (module 1, 2) before the adapter module.

Add Modules in Synchronous Communication

  1. In synchronous communication, you can modify the request and response message by using your own modules.
    • Insert your own modules (module 1, 2) to modify the request message before the adapter module.
    • Insert your own modules (module 3, 4) to modify the response message after the adapter module.

  1. If you are inserting a module in an adapter comprising several adapter modules, follow the instructions under: