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Only UNIX: Mounting the Central TREX Data DirectoryLocate this document in the navigation structure


Use mount to mount the TREX data directory that you created on the file server onto all TREX hosts. Note the following:

  • Mount the directory in the same place (mount point) in the file system on all TREX hosts.

    You created the directory mytrexdir on the file server. You mount this directory on all hosts at /mymountpoint/mytrexdir.


    This mount point must be the same on all hosts. Otherwise, the system cannot swap from a master server to a backup server. Moreover, the slave servers cannot use a common slave index.

  • Make sure that the user <sapsid>adm has full permission (read, write, and execute) for this directory.
  • Make sure that the directory will be automatically mounted if the host is rebooted before starting TREX.

The exact procedure is described in the documentation for your operating system platform.