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A component of the Web Application Designer


The Web Items window offers a pool of Web items that you can use to create your Web application.


A Web item describes the way in which the data from a data provider is displayed, such as tables (Web item Analysis), maps (Web item Map) and graphics (Web item Chart).


The Web Items screen area is divided into the following sections:

  • The selection groups for Web items (master Web items) are located in the upper area, divided into various categories:

    Under Data Provider, you can create data providers of type Filter or of type Query View. Drag the required data provider type into your Web template using drag and drop. The dialog for creating data providers opens.

  • Underneath the selection for Web items and data provider maintenance, you see the help area, which provides explanations for the Web items and the data providers. To display the texts for the respective Web item, select the Web item by double-clicking with the right mouse button. To hide the texts, proceed in the same way. Once you have hidden the display of texts and selected a Web item by single clicking, a quick info is displayed for the Web item.