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Real-time reporting in SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management (BPM) enables you to consume data and display reports directly in the Visual Composer (VC) of the local system where your process is running. In VC you can report on a subset of both generic process data and process context data. Reporting data is provided as DataSources to VC and you use the VC BI Kit to display the data. When you perform real-time reporting with VC, you proceed as follows:

  • Create a VC model in which you can display BPM data sources.

  • Discover BPM DataSources in VC.

    SAP NetWeaver BPM provides the following predefined generic process DataSources to VC:


    After the VC model is created, you can display in report data for BPM_MY_PROCESSES_DS and BPM_MY_TASKS_DS DataSources if your current user has the necessary authorizations.

    For BPM_MY_PROCESSES_DS DataSource, your user needs to be assigned to a role which gives you access to the particular process instance, for example Business Process Administrator role.

    For BPM_MY_TASKS_DS DataSource, your user needs to be assigned to a role which gives you access to the particular task instance, for example Potential Owner , Actual Owner , Business Administrator , and so on.

    In case your user is not assigned to any of these roles, you can display data for the mentioned DataSources if your user is assigned to the SAP_BPM_SuperDisplay or SAP_BPM_SuperAdmin roles. For more information about roles, see Authorizations and Roles .

    In addition, you can search for process context DataSources in VC. You can search a DataSource by name, which is formed using the following pattern: <reportingDataSourcename>_<timestamp in format yyMMddHHmmssSSS>. For more information about process context DataSources, see Reporting on Process Context Data .

  • Use BPM DataSources in VC models.

    You use the BPM DataSources in composite views in VC when you drag a data source on the VC model.

  • You have created, built, and deployed your process model in SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio .

  • You have access to VC in your browser.

    Real-time reporting with Visual Composer in SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio is not supported.

    For more information, see Accessing Visual Composer in a Web Browser .


1. Creating a Composite View in Visual Composer

For more information about creating models in VC, see Typical Workflow .

2. Discovering BPM DataSources in Visual Composer

  1. In Visual Composer, choose Start of the navigation path Model Next navigation step Open... End of the navigation path.

    A list with all available models appears.

  2. Browse the model structure and in the context menu of a model, choose Open Model .

    The selected model opens for editing in the Design board.

  3. Choose Start of the navigation path View Next navigation step Task Panel Next navigation step Search End of the navigation path to search for BPM DataSources.

    The Search dialog appears.

  4. From the Select provider dropdown menu, select BI Data Sources .

  5. From the System destination dropdown menu, select BI (Sql) Local BPM System .

  6. In the Search for Table field, enter the name of the generic process or process context DataSource you want to find. You can use an asterisk (*) in the search string as a wildcard to search for a partial match. Choose the Search pushbutton.


    Names of predefined BPM DataSources are formed using the pattern BPM_<DataSourcename> . For example, you can enter BPM* to list all predefined BPM DataSources.

3. Using BPM DataSources in Visual Composer Models

For more information, see Modeling Composite Views Using BI Data Services and Composing the Composite View .