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Procedures contain a set of statements, and are called from other ABAP programs. 

You define procedures in ABAP programs. When the program is generated, they remain as standalone modules. You can call procedures in the program in which they are defined, or from external programs. Procedures have an interface for passing data, and can also contain local data.

ABAP contains the following kinds of procedures:

  • Subroutines

    Subroutines are principally for local modularization, that is, they are generally called from the program in which they are defined. You can use subroutines to write functions that are used repeatedly within a program. You can define subroutines in any ABAP program.

  • Function Modules

    Function modules are for global modularization, that is, they are always called from a different program. Function modules contain functions that are used in the same form by many different programs. Function modules play an important roll in encapsulating processing logic and making it reusable. Function modules must be defined in a function group, and can be called from any program.

  • Methods

    Contain the functions of classes and their instances in ABAP Objects. Methods must be defined in classes. When you call them, you must observe certain special rules of object-oriented programming.