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You have configured a connection to an AS ABAP system.


You use Search Console to search for remote function call (RFC) function modules on AS ABAP systems to which you have created connections. This procedure enables you to define various search criteria and browse for RFCs. The procedure also allows you to configure how the result of your search is displayed. To provide easier navigation in the results you can group the discovered RFCs by the application component or function groups in which they appear. You can also group RFCs by their state depending on whether they are released for internal or external use.


  1. In the Search for dropdown menu, choose RFC .
  2. In the Search in area, choose a system in which you want to search for RFC function modules.

    Information about the systems that are displayed in this area is taken from the system connections which you established in the Preferences window. At this stage, you can establish connections to other systems by choosing Manage Destinations .

  3. In the Find field, enter a search string.

    Optionally you can choose an object in which you want to perform a search. The system allows you to search in function groups or in function names. To narrow the search objects, choose the button that is next to the Find field.

  4. In the Group by field, choose how you want to group the search result. The available options are:
    • Application Component

    • Flat list

    • Function groups

    • I nternally/Externally released

  5. Optionally, you can enter advanced search criteria as follows:
    • Choose Advanced options.

    • In the Category field, choose Application Component

    • To choose single nodes on the Application Components area, deselect the Select children checkbox.

    • Choose the application components in which you want to search.

  6. Choose Search .


The system displays all RFC function modules that match the search criteria which you entered.

As a next step, you can import the RFC module in the workspace and then create a consumer for that RFC. More information: Importing RFC Function Modules in the Workspace