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You can use the Dialog per Application Servermonitor to display the most important attributes for the dialog service, broken down by the application servers of your system. The attributes are taken from the Entire System monitor of the SAP CCMS Monitor Templates monitor set.


The monitor contains the following monitoring tree elements (MTEs):

MTE Name (MTE Class)


Additional Information

FrontendResponseTime (R3DialogFrontendResponseTime)

Average time that a user waits at the front end for the processing of his or her request

Entire System Monitor

QueueTime (R3DialogQueueTime)

Average time in the dispatcher wait queue

Load+GenTime (R3DialogLoad+GenTime)

Average load and generation time of CUA objects

DBRequestTime (R3DialogDbReqTime)

Average time for processing logical database requests

ResponseTime (R3DialogResponseTime)

Average response time of the dialog service

Dialog Overview Monitor

UsersLoggedIn (R3UsersLoggedIn)

Number of users logged on


To start the monitor, follow the procedure below:

  1. Start the Alert Monitor using transaction RZ20 or choose CCMS →Control/Monitoring →Alert Monitor.
  2. On the CCMS Monitor Sets screen, expand the SAP CCMS Monitor Templates set.
  3. Start the Dialog per Application Server monitor from the list by double clicking it.