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The chart title and subtitle, the axis title, axis label and the legend belong to the texts that can occur in a chart.

You can format the texts by changing the following properties:

  • Font and font size
  • Font color
  • Font style, e.g. italic
  • Position of the text field in the chart
  • Alignment of the text

Defining Global Text Settings

You can set the font for all the texts of a chart at one time.

  1. Choose the Global settings → Font property.
  2. Select the required font from the list of available fonts.

The font that is set is valid for all the text elements that do not have their own text formatting, i.e. for which the property Font is set to Automatic.

Defining Local Text Settings

You can manually format text elements whose appearance should differ from that defined by the automatic and global settings.

  1. Select the required text element.
  2. Select the required font, font size and color.
  3. Select a format, for example Bold.
  4. Define the horizontal position of the text field.
  5. Define the vertical position, that is, the alignment of the text within the text field. This is of interest especially when the text field is larger than the space required and it has a visible background.
  6. Define the direction of the text, for example diagonal or from top to bottom.